Never let your assets become your liabilities.

Health is essentially one of our prime assets. Good health empowers us to achieve our goals, fulfill our dreams and explore countless possibilities. “Extraordinary buildings are always supported by a strong foundation”. Our assets provide us with strength and stability.

Everyone deserves to be healthy and work with optimum capacity and enjoy life with zest. As they say, “Life is just an interval between birth and death”. It is our duty to take care of ourselves, invest in inculcating and practicing healthy, sustainable habits and lead a good lifestyle. A positive approach towards understanding and learning proper practices, will ensure that your assets never become liabilities; thus saving you from unnecessary medications and tests. Investment for “Satisfaction and Longevity” is worth it!

Does this describe you?

  • Weight gain
  • Constant feeling of depression.
  • Dull and lethargic throughout the day.
  • Struggling to lose weight.
  • Recent blood sugar levels in ‘Pre diabetic’ range
  • Have type 2 diabetes.
  • High hba1c level despite proper treatment and medication.
  • My daughter has an irregular menstrual cycle.
  • Diagnosed with PCOD.
  • Thyroid problems.
  • Routine sonography revealed fatty liver disease
  • Confusion about diet plans running globally. Want to know which suits me the best
  • Doctor labelled my problem as Metabolic syndrome:
    • Increased Body Mass Index
    • Increased belly fat.
    • Raised blood pressure
    • Increased triglycerides
    • Decreased HDL
    • Increased levels of sugars in blood.
  • Suffering from essential hypertension.
  • Wish to reduce medications through lifestyle changes.
  • I need to understand Good food habits.
  • Wish to understand intermittent fasting and follow my routine in a scientific way
  • Recent discoloration (black brown) of the skin; face, neck and especially arms

Can you help manage weight?

Is there a diet plan to prevent lifestyle disorders like hypertension and diabetes?

Do you help manage diabetes?

I have unusual working hours, can you help me plan a diet which can be suitable for this fluctuating schedule?

Can I manage my health without medication?

Could medicines be entirely eliminated?

Can I continue my regular medicines while taking your therapy?

Can you tell how much time I require to reduce my weight?

If my diabetes problem is hereditary can I still get rid of it?

I have a touring job, as a result I end up eating out a lot. Will I be able to follow the diet plan?

Do you have monthly plans for treatment?

Do you recommend some substitutes like protein powder?

I do not get time for exercise. Can I still manage my weight?

Do you treat children?

I enjoy non veg food, will I be able to continue it while taking your therapy?

Is this Safe?