Sahaj Havan Hote

'Sahaj Havan Hote' literally means something that disseminates easily, comes from a common Marathi hymn that is even today said before the meals in Maharashtrian households. Indian culture believes in eating for sustenance and thus the hymn suggests that we eat food for energy and eat food that may burn and disseminate easily. Culturally developed food that has evolved with thousands of years of thinking and toiling of individuals everywhere in the world as vinita has studied generally is easiest to digest and burn, giving body optimum energy and nutrients.

This vertical thus developed by her is a fantastic combination of her medical knowledge, her influence of functional medicine and her practice and study of local cultures along with 12-15 diet plan types around the world. Vinita has specially developed recipes that can be easily accommodated within local food, cultural choices and can be easily prepared within minutes. These recipes are flexible, feasible, go along with you and stay with you for your lifetime.

Our recipes are Quick - Easy - Healthy all in rolled into one !

10 min
Calcium rich
Nerve tonic
No Sugar, No Jaggery
One pot meal
Protein rich