My Vision

Studying Homeopathy has given me an approach to look at the patient as a whole, in the totality of all signs and symptoms along with an individual's unique traits. While practicing with homeopathic medicines, I realised that something more is needed to achieve recovery in patients, finding the root cause of the ailment.

Dr. Hahnemann has given guidelines for each and every homeopath in the form of aphorisms in the book Organon of Medicine. I read it often. The 4th aphorism states that the physician’s responsibility is to prevent the diseases. He is the preserver of health, if he knows what can cause a disease and how to remove them from a person's health. 5th, 6th, 7th aphorisms say that cause is most important while treating patients. For example, if two siblings are suffering from a headache, their approach of treatment is different according to the ‘cause’ of the headache. One may have it because of dehydration and the other may have it from unrefreshed sleep (night watching). So optimum water intake would be the right mode of treatment for the first and taking rest is a logical one for the other. Sometimes removal of exciting and maintaining causes can help a lot rather than medication. In other words along with medication, if we abstain from the factors which derange our health, we can prevent diseases and enjoy our potential to optimum level. I guide and treat people with this approach. This approach is quite close to that of ‘Functional Medicine’, an upcoming branch nowadays.

Diet is equal to human; I can say so long contemplation on Sir Einstein’s principle that ‘energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed from one form into another.’


E= energy

M= food (mainly) (this all combines to become us - the human being)

C= basal metabolic rate (Assuming this as constant)

Food is most important but there are other sources of energy as well. Diet comes from diaita (origin Greek-latin) means lifestyle not just food.
With my eclectic education and reading, I have realised a number of factors that can affect health and thus are instrumental in the healing process.
These are as follows,

  • Food
  • Thoughts (Thinking pattern)
  • Social bonding (with people we meet)
  • Atmosphere
  • Proper rest
  • Coping with adverse conditions
  • Circadian rhythm (tuning with nature)
  • Apparel (what we wear)

So what we consume and is inside us and what we accumulate and surrounds us structures and deconstructs our personality and well-being. My vision is towards understanding every person independently considering all the above mentioned factors in his/her living and work towards a healthy individual, which will eventually lead to a healthy society. My endeavour is not just to treat but rather move towards a society that is free from diseases with healthy lifestyle choices and change the degenerative genetic mutations because of wrong life choices in terms of food and way of living. Although a doctor, I encourage all to have a healthy lifestyle sans medicine, and my efforts are towards helping you form one healthy life pattern for yourself. My sincere request to all is to open your inner eyes and let ‘us’ think much more than medicine!

Dr. Vinita Deshpande